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canvas prints

Canvas prints are a great way to share your memories.

Sara Paley Photography offers high quality Canvas Print keepsakes. Professionally printed canvases are a great way to display your precious memories on the walls in your home where you can see them each day. These prints are stretched and mounted on a wooden frame and come ready to hang. The canvases hang flush against your wall and are finished at the back so they won’t scratch the paint. Unlike cheaper department store prints, canvases purchased from Sara Paley Photography are protected from ultraviolet light and the colours can last up to 100 years! Canvases are 1–½ inches deep which makes them perfect to display without a frame. Canvases are safer than framed prints to hang in your baby or child’s room because there is no glass that could break if bumped off the wall. Canvas prints start at $185. Please email me for full pricing.

At Sara Paley Photography, I like to support local businesses. All of my canvases + printed products are made with love locally in Vancouver, BC.

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